Work in Process

Work in Process

I'm a bit spoiled, since glass is such an inherently beautiful material.  There are many times that I'm in the early process of making a piece that the setup with the patterns is so beautiful as it is, that I could just put it away and it would be fantastic, rather than blow it and shape it into something.   Yesterday was an example.  This is the beginning of a piece being made; at this stage the pattern, made from highly patterned tiles of glass called 'murrine' is on the blowpipe and I've encased it once. It will get encased a second time then blown into a large sphere (I can't post a picture now since it's going to be in the kiln cooling for two days).  I shot this quick photo while waiting for the glass to cool enough so that I could gather over it again.  It's hard to see the super-detail in the murrine, but this looked amazing on right on the pipe--especially while it was still glowing strongly because it was so hot.  

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