Murrine obsessed? Rock an MIT shirt!

Murrine obsessed? Rock an MIT shirt!

Get out of the closet about your murrine obsession with an MIT t-shirt!

What is the Murrine Institute of Technology you ask? Well it's the preeminent post-graduate glass school focused exclusively on the murrine technique in glass., not quite.

Actually, it's a fictional school I dreamt up as a humorous metaphor for my own self-directed education in glass. MIT is the 100% cotton answer to a question I'm frequently asked: "How did you learn to blow glass/work with murrine?"

The real answer: I didn't attend school for glass, intern with an artist, or work in Murano. I am essentially self-taught through many years of trial & error and careful analysis (successes and failures). I benefited greatly by occasionally watching skilled glassblowers work and studied their approaches to the material. Some of these techniques informed my own, some I passed on, and some I believe I improved upon. (I did take one class at Pilchuck which wasn't a great fit).

I invite others who are passionate about the black magic of murrine to show their school spirit with an MIT t-shirt.

These shirts are all V-necks (more comfortable to blow glass IMHO) and available in either Midnight Navy or Cardinal, made by Next Level of 100% combed ringspun cotton. Suitable for glassblowing, wearing at legitimate educational institutions, Hot Glass/Cold Beer parties or being subversive at black-tie events. 

Murrine Institute of Technology Cardinal RedMurrine Institute of Technology Midnight Navy

Logo design by the talented Lisa Chen.

I have limited quantities available for $18 + $7 shipping (domestic only) and only in the following sizes:  

Cardinal Red in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL
Midnight Navy in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL

They run a bit on the snugger size, so if you're usually between sizes err on going larger.

I had a snazzy dropdown menu w/buttons for purchasing, but Paypal code was buggy so if you want one, click here and Paypal me $25.  In the note section please indicate color, size and your shipping address!  

If something doesn't work, please contact me through the "Contact" link or through FB. If I quickly sell through your size I'll just refund your $ asap.  I don't want to post my email because spammers.


I'm interested in an XXL Midnight navy MIT tee shirt. I do not use PAYPAL, pls let me know if I can mail you a check or pay by credit card.

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