Bloom are abstract organic forms that reveal something unexpected. Bloom leave it to the viewer to consider what it could be, how it evolved and what inspired it. Bloom are all one-of-a-kind, varying in color, texture, pattern and form, but they are all of one 'species.'

Foglio series work are sculptural vessel forms that serve as a three-dimensional canvas for highly patterned and detailed compositions and reference the nature of molten glass, freezing its dynamic movement.

Resistenza are tall, elegant, long-neck works that reference classical Italian sculptural forms. Flattened to highlight the composition and pattern, Resistenza have a bold yet delicate presence, stretching the precise patterns and colors towards a graceful point.

Parabola series work began as an exploration of spheres and variations that elongate or compress the form. It quickly evolved to more broadly include other related shapes.

The simple and elegant sphere is an ideal canvas for colorful compositions.

Inspired by the streamlined denizens of the ocean, Piscine are low & sleek with three-dimensional optics.

Ellipse sculptures are elegant exploration of flattened forms evocative of river stones and the range of graceful elliptical shapes created by erosion over thousands of years.

Other works, both architectural and sculpture objects.