I'm teaching a class this summer on how to work with cane; specifically Uroboros' System 96 Rods.  I rarely teach primarily because I'm super busy making my own work.  Nevertheless, I've seen a lot of people around Public Glass struggling with cane and knew that I could help out without...
The latest newsletter is out covering SOFA, new galleries and more.  You can read it in your browser.
Coverage of my show at Union University.
The Detailers: David Patchen
The folks at Olivari Olive Oil have a documentary series that "profile unique folks who obsess over their craft and believe in carrying on a tradition of detail and care."  I was honored to be chosen as the subject of a video.   You can watch it here.
So Joey from Martha's Vineyard Glassworks visited the studio today and just as I was about to make a large murrine pull he whipped out his iPhone and shot this short video.  The glass I'm hanging up on the pully system is layers upon layers of colors that I stretch into 8' or so of patterned...
The crew from Strike Anywhere Films was in the studio shooting me and Michael making a Bloom and a mixed pattern Foglio.  They also recorded some interview audio and the chatter between me and Michael while we made work.  They were really engaged on ensuring they got great shots and great...