In the Studio

Cane are colored lengths of glass made by stretching molten glass into a long rod (15 to 50 feet).  Cane can be a simple stripe of color or fine woven-looking threads.  Almost all work includes some cane in the process.

Most work is made using murrine, which are essentially patterned glass tiles.  Murrine is made by precisely layering molten colored glass, then stretching the mass into a long rod.  Once cooled overnight, the rod is cut into slices, exposing the pattern in cross section, kind of like a glass sushi roll.  

Pieces are designed by creating a mosaic of murrine & cane (cold). Once complete it's then heated for blowing.

After the composition is fused together in the furnace, the blowing process begins.

You can watch a short video of the blowing process.

After work is blown and cooled, there's still much work to do in order to finish work before it ships to galleries.