Maruko Tools

Maruko Tools

I'm restocked with brand new Maruko jacks, parcioffis, and tweezers for sale. [EDIT--SOLD OUT OF EVERYTHING BUT LARGE TWEEZERS AND CUP JACKS.  MORE OF EVERYTHING ARRIVING MID-NOV 2022] 

If you're unfamiliar, these are handmade by an expert metalsmith (and former glassblower) in Japan and excellent in so many ways.  They are well-known among professionals for their excellent craftsmanship, smooth feel, 'just right' spring and thoughtful design.  I've been importing them for myself and friends for over a decade and am now in the process of distributing them more broadly.  Until I have a proper website for Maruko and other tools, here's information and images of what's available.
    • •  Maruko medium jacks have a blade made from a steel alloy that is super smooth on the glass, one of the reasons I love them and a handle with just the right amount of spring for my taste.  The medium jacks have a 45mm wide strap, the standard blade and either medium (140cm) or slightly longer (160cm) handles--my favorite go-to jacks. 
    • •  Maruko cup jacks have standard thin blades, a slightly wider strap (45mm) and either medium (130cm) or slightly longer (140cm) handles. 
    • •  I have custom-spec large jacks on order which are designed based on my large Dinos; they should be available in Oct.  
    • •  Maruko Tweezers are more rigid than most and are available with a flat or beaked tip that grabs even when waxy. The large tweezers are especially beefy with a dab of brass at the end for extra bonking power; I use them from cups to the biggest work.  While beaked tweezers are great for bubble picking, tweezing lips and grabbing just about anything (even when waxy), please note that the beaked tip is not well-suited for picking open a bubble (like for incalmo); I jack-and-crack or use regular tweezers for that particular task.
    • •  Parcioffi handles are stainless (as they ALL should be!) and accepts sticks (wood or graphite) of 15mm/.6" diameter. I use graphite in mine and just belt sand down the graphite part that inserts in the handle, then epoxy it in.  You don't want graphite falling out!
Detailed Specs and Prices:
Cup jacks - (45mm strap/130mm handle or 140mm handle/200mm blade length/410mm overall length or 420mm with longer handle) - $380 (long or regular handle)
Medium jacks - (45mm strap/140mm handle or 160mm handle/230mm blade length/450mm overall length or 470mm with longer handle) $440 (long or regular handle) ON ORDER
Large jacks - $550 (Dino specs)  ON ORDER
Stainless parcioffi handles - (40mm/140mm/255mm OAL) - $190 ON ORDER
Large tweezers - 225mm OAL - $190 (beaked or flat tip)
Medium tweezers - 275mm OAL - $150 (beaked or flat tip) ON ORDER
Small tweezers - 340mm OAL - $125 (beaked or flat tip) ON ORDER
Shipping $18 domestically or free pick up in San Francisco. Please contact me here with what you would like.  I can take special orders but they can take a few months. I can take checks or paypal.
Maruko medium jacksMaruko Medium Jacks
Maruko Cup Jacks
Maruko Cup Jacks
Maruko Large Tweezers (beak)
Maruko Large Tweezers (beak)

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