How to Make and Use Cane

How to Make and Use Cane

Videos for teaching a cane class this summer

I'm teaching a class this summer on how to work with cane; specifically Uroboros' System 96 Rods.  I rarely teach primarily because I'm super busy making my own work.  Nevertheless, I've seen a lot of people around Public Glass struggling with cane and knew that I could help out without much of a time committment.  I specifically wanted to teach a class about working with Uroboros Rods since the rods are premade cane and using cane is a whole lot easier than making cane.  

I was also thinking about the format of most classes in glassblowing and how most of the information provided is done thorugh demos which are mostly undocumented. If the students shoot video, then they can't pay attention to the demo.  Either way, the knowlege is either ephemeral or compromised.

To make the course more valuable, I thought I would provide the videos. In addition to students being able to pay attention during demos, we could review the videos in class, pause to discuss and students could review them on time outside of class.  While we weren't teaching cane pulling, I thought I'd demo it since I know it will be requested.  There are probably an infinite number of styles of cane you can make but below is a basic veiled cane pull.  Basic filligree is made the exact same way except without the second color over the white--you just pull the initial color rod.  I did this pull a little on the hot side, but I would rather be too hot than too cold.  Twisty cane is a different ballgame (maybe for another video?)

Here are the videos so far:


I love these videos! I have been glassblowing as a hobby for a few years and am building my skills to my goal of making a cane cup. These videos are great for novices like me. please keep them coming.