Winter 2014 Newsletter

Winter 2014 Newsletter


In This Update:

  • New Gallery Representation:
  • Upcoming Show: Chihuly Collection at Morean Arts Center
  • Commissions: Islands Hotel
  • Prototyping New Work: Crescents
  • Demo: Glass Art Society Conference
  • Recent Work
  • Press: Western Art & Architecture Magazine

New Galleries:
Petri's Fine Artin Sausalito, CA has been representing talented painters and sculptors of all media for decades. Petri's now has a nice selection of my work in their gallery in downtown Sausalito.  

An American Craftsman in New York City is representing my work at their two midtown galleries. I've not shown in Manhattan for a number of years so I'm excited to be back.

Upcoming Show:

The Chihuly Collection at the Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg, FL is presenting "Italian Traditions" from Jan 23th - Apr. 19th.  This show also includes work by Nancy Callan, Stephen Rolfe Powell, Richard Royal and others.

Recent Commissions:
Beautiful 5-star Island Hotel in Newport Beach, CA now has a half-dozen of my pieces in their lobby.  Other works recently went to collectors in the UK, Detroit, Miami, Southern California, Maryland, and the Bay Area.


Prototyping New Sculpture
I recently completed a commission that required glass that was different from my usual style. I like operating outside my comfort zone for a change of pace and inspiration. After the project was completed, I explored a new direction using this style of hot-sculpted glass and the work to the right is the result. This prototype is about 3' wide and 18" tall, but this work could easily be many times this size and in a range of colors. The solid spheres provide amazing reflections and optics. Inspiration came from the way drops of dew hang on a leaf.

Upcoming Demo

I've been invited to demonstrate at the Glass Art Society's Annual International Conference in San Jose, CA this coming June.

I'll be working Friday, June 5th at 10am at the Corning Museum's mobile hotshop.  

Recent Work
I'm always making new one-of-a-kind work with new patterns, color combinations, details, etc. See the website for the latest work and recent news in the blog.

I was recently profiled in the Dec 2014 issue of Western Art & Architecture magazine in the Illuminations; Ones To Watch feature. You can check it out by downloading a copy here.