How Tall Do You Want It?

How Tall Do You Want It?

Inspired by a recent commission

I often work with designers and galleries on commission projects where the client may like the style of my work, but have a specific size or color requirement.  Virtually all of these projects are good fun and it's nice to be challenged in either form or design by collaborating with someone with a vision for what they want.  I often find that I end up with some new ideas from the experience.  

Recently a client in Silicon Valley wanted a piece in a very specific palette--colors that I'd not considered using together in the same piece. They also wanted the piece very tall and narrow; also dimensions I hadn't ever really had to produce.  Overall the piece came out fantastic (within a half inch of spec in every dimension) and they were delighted.  I was inspired by the proportions of the piece and made an even larger work with different murrine just for fun.  This piece is 34" tall by 6.25" wide, which is pretty tall for this form.  

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