Damascus steel tags (murrine squeezers)

Damascus steel tags (murrine squeezers)

New large damascus tags to squeeze up murrine in style. Tools like this don't exist by commercial glass tool manufacturers so I had to make my own.  Of course making them out of regular steel would be boring, so I used rainbow pattern damascus steel, quilted walnut handles, walnut heat shields and added a stainless counterweight to make them more balanced.   These were the first ones I made and went with me to blow glass at the Corning Museum of Glass.  I decided to make this first pair a donation to the Corning Museum's hot shop and are now available for anyone blowing glass there.

Since these were fun to make and damascus blanks were best purchased in some quantity, I made multiple sets and sold a half-dozen pairs to other glassblowers.  

Damascus Tagliol





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