Centro Studi del Vetro now has David Patchen: Glass

Centro Studi del Vetro now has David Patchen: Glass

Added to the Glass Library in Venice

I was recently contacted by the Centro Studi del Vetro (Glass Study Center) library in Venice, Italy to add my book to their permanent collection.  According to their website:

"The Giorgio Cini Foundation has set up a dedicated Study Centre with a specialised library in its Institute of Art History....
The Study Centre will construct a “General Archive of Venetian Glass” which will gradually gather the historical archives of various Murano
glassmakers. Mainly consisting of designs, projects, correspondences and photographs, the archive material will be made available to the academic community and for use in reviving and developing the art of glassmaking. The Centre will also organise a programme of seminars, conferences and workshops for scholars and artists interested in the history, technology and development of the art of glassmaking."

I'm honored to be included in this historical archive of glass!

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