American Craft Magazine Shoot

American Craft Magazine Shoot

"Behind the Scenes" of their latest photo shoot

A month or so ago, the folks from American Craft came to Public Glass (where my studio is located) for a photo shoot.  The focus of the shoot was to highlight the work of the artists and designers (mostly clothing) who show in their retail shows, using the glass studio as a backdrop.  (I don't participate in their shows, but I like the magazine).  Lucky for them, the shop was buzzing the day they were in and they shot around Michael and I making a number of pieces and a few other glassblowers working as well.  They shot quite a bit of good behind-the-scenes photos and video and the attached image will be in their magazine to direct readers to the web to see the entire feature.  I haven't seen the other photos or video but their photographer was very comfortable shooting so I bet he has some good images/footage.  I look forward to seeing it all on their website!

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