Featured in the San Francisco Chronicle Magazine

Featured in the San Francisco Chronicle Magazine

Design issue on Sunday, 9/1/13

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Meredith May, a features editor for the San Francisco Chronicle.  She was writing a piece for the Design issue of the SF Chronicle Magazine and was particularly interested in artists who got their start and made a career from their association with 'Industrial Arts Collectives'--a term for a organizations that offer instruction to the public in various artistic/technical media.  In the Bay Area, these are places like The Crucible (metal, stone, glass), TechShop (robotics, CAD/CAM, electronics) and Public Glass (the obvious).  

The artists featured are a metal and stone sculptor from the Crucible, a lighting designer from Techshop and yours truly from Public Glass (I took my first beginning glassblowing class there and continue to work out of PG to make my work).  You can read the article here; I link to the third page, where my section begins.  It's really well done.

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