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I'm frequently asked about how to best light, secure and care for my glass so I thought it would be helpful to summarize my recommendations here for future reference.  LightingAs the vast majority of my work is one-of-a-kind, each piece interacts a bit differently with light.  However,...
The website Splice has an interesting article by the director of photography from the "Detailers" video (the one featuring me) on what it was like to be behind the camera while shooting in the studio.  You can find the article here.   
  In This Update:New Gallery Representation:Petri's Fine Art - Sausalito, CAAn American Craftsman - NYCUpcoming Show: Chihuly Collection at Morean Arts CenterCommissions: Islands HotelPrototyping New Work: CrescentsDemo: Glass Art Society ConferenceRecent WorkPress: Western Art &...
I don't know what it is with glassblowers, but most of us have a special affinity for tools.  Maybe it's the fact that we can't really touch our material of choice, so more than for other artists/craftspeople, tools are a critical extension of our hands.  While the types of tools are...
Western Art Architecture David Patchen
Profiled in Dec 2014/Jan 2015 issue of Western Art & Architecture magazine in the Illuminations feature; Ones To Watch.  You can download a copy here.
I found these math-driven animated gifs on the Interwebs and thought they were super cool (although possibly a bit nasuseating).  
I'm often asked by glassblowers who shoots my work (me) and advice for photographing glass. Instead of replying by email each time, I'm going to summarize my setup and advice here so it's easy to reference. I've been a photo hobbyist for years and since I initially got into photography by...
Excuse the poor formatting--it's tricky to get it into the blog.What's new with David Patchen Handblown GlassIs this email not displaying correctly?View it in your browser.In This Update:New Gallery Representation:Netherlands and HawaiiShows: Hsinchu Art Festival, Chihuly...
Occasionally a commission that's different than my style of work comes along and it can be a fun change of pace.These corporate awards for a large pharmaceutical company's best-performing manufacturing plants were tricky to make but turned out beautiful.  Elements of hot-sculpted glass in the...
I'm teaching a class this summer on how to work with cane; specifically Uroboros' System 96 Rods.  I rarely teach primarily because I'm super busy making my own work.  Nevertheless, I've seen a lot of people around Public Glass struggling with cane and knew that I could help out without...
Recently I created cast glass panels roughly 18" x 18" x 3/4" made from murrine suspended in clear glass.  I experimented with panels years ago and I'm excited to revisit this format.  I'm intending these as individual art pieces as well for ...
I'm admittedly a bit of a music geek and my ear has been shaped by decades of listening to and playing guitar-based rock. Over the years I've gravitated toward technical and complex musical styles and mostly listen to music that's poly-rhythmic, harmonically complex and interesting to me--which I...
I'm contacted a few times a year by students of glass about all sorts of stuff--mostly requesting visits, internships and advice on how to best learn glassblowing.  I've answered enough of the education questions that I thought I would post them here so I can direct future inquires to this...
The latest newsletter is out covering SOFA, new galleries and more.  You can read it in your browser.
Coverage of my show at Union University.
A few weeks ago I was contacted by Meredith May, a features editor for the San Francisco Chronicle.  She was writing a piece for the Design issue of the SF Chronicle Magazine and was particularly interested in artists who got their start and made a career from their association with '...
I'm a bit spoiled, since glass is such an inherently beautiful material.  There are many times that I'm in the early process of making a piece that the setup with the patterns is so beautiful as it is, that I could just put it away and it would be fantastic, rather than blow it and shape it...
The exhibition Polk County Collects at the Polk Museum of Art in Lakeland FL runs from July 27 – October 5, 2013 in the Dorothy Jenkins Gallery.  My work made the exhibition poster :)From their website:  Polk County is truly a bastion of culture. Not only do we have great...
Frequently I need tools or custom versions of tools that aren't commercially available, so I make my own.  Here's a selection of homemade tools I use frequently:Damascus color paddle/tagliol is great for saving the strap of my jacks from the heat from large overlays.Extra long damascus steel...
Whenever I'm planning work and developing patterns I'm generally driven by a vision of a finished piece.  Although once in a while I get excited about a pattern or colors and develop the patterns knowing that I'll need to decide what form (series) I want to use them in eventually....
The Detailers: David Patchen
The folks at Olivari Olive Oil have a documentary series that "profile unique folks who obsess over their craft and believe in carrying on a tradition of detail and care."  I was honored to be chosen as the subject of a video.   You can watch it here.
What do you have available?There are two ways to view available work:- Check out what galleries have by clicking through the various gallery links on my site.  If you see a work on a gallery's website you like, please contact that gallery.  Most work is one-of-a-kind, so they are the...
I was interviewed a few weeks ago for a feature in this cool new online arts magazine.  The interview is here:  Creating Linus Feature
Almost exactly a year ago my work was featured on the art site   Today, out of the 2,156 artists ever featured over the years, I'm currently ranked 7th!   You can give me 5 stars here and see if your vote can move my work up the rankings :)