Frequently I have a bit of time left in my glassblowing day that's not enough to make a piece, so I often make cane cups for fun.  
I'm teaching a class this summer on how to work with cane; specifically Uroboros' System 96 Rods.  I rarely teach primarily because I'm super busy making my own work.  Nevertheless, I've seen a lot of people around Public Glass struggling with cane and knew that I could help out without...
Having fun making some cool cane cups.  This is one of my favorites from the day.
No, I don't look too happy pulling cane because it's probably about 95F degrees in the studio.  San Francisco is normally a great place to blow glass since it's relatively windy, cool and dry.  However, there are usually around 5 days a year where the weather is actually hot (at least for...
Much of what I make is fairly large so it's nice to take a break from the hot & heavy stuff and make cane cups.  There's literally no limit to the design possibilities in glass so cups are a great place to experiment with colors, patterns and different palettes.  Since glass color...