Interview with American Craft Magazine

Interview with American Craft Magazine

Discussion about Bloom and sculpture trends in glass

I chatted with Monca Moses, the editor in chief of American Craft Magazine over an hour or so about a wide range of topics.  It started as an overview of my background in glass but quickly got into more interesting and timely areas including the evolution of my work through Bloom, the role of concept versus aesthetics in glass, creativity versus technique and more.  It was nice to address the insightful questions Monica posed--questions I often mull over myself but don't often find myself discussing with others.  It was a treat to talk thoughtfully about the tougher questions I face in evolving my work.  And it beats answering the old "So how often do you get burned?" for the thousandth time.  (For the record, yes, but never badly :)

The interview is on American Craft's website here.

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